Mike began his comics career at the age of 14, breaking in as an inker. From inker to pencillng/inking to writing, Mike has spread his creative wings in both indie and mainstream comics. Growing up in a small town, Mike found tutelage under Neil Vokes and Adam Hughes, while corresponding with Nexus creators Steve Rude and Mike Baron. Dedicated to his craft, Mike was eventually kicked out of highschool for skipping class-to stay home and draw. Still in his teens, he languished in the indie field for some years.

His first big break was as an inker on Daredevil, and shortly after as penciller/inker on DC’s version of Judge Dredd, then Foot Soldiers at Dark Horse Comics. During the mid-90s comics crash, Mike moved back into indie comics, which started his path on creator owned comics with Ship of Fools, co-created with collaborator Bryan J.L. GLass. While drawing Ship of Fools, Mike continued with paying work such as inking Neil Vokes on Ninjack and drawing Bulletproof Monk, later turned into a John Woo film. Business was slow, so when Mikes first child was born, he got a “real job” working as a security guard—where he drew on the job, of course. This was when Mike developed a new simpler style as well as several projects including the Mice Templar, Hammer of the Gods, Quixote, and what would become Powers with Brian Michael Bendis. Mike and Brian had met several years earlier, knowing they would soon work together.

Powers became the dream project Mike and Brian had worked so hard for—a creator owned project they could live on. Powers has been nominated for a Harvey Award and won an Eisner. Mike was nominated for his work on Powers for an Eisner. With Powers ongoing, Mike has tackled several other projects including Hammer of the Gods, Bastard Samurai, Bluntman and Chronic, Parliament of Justice, Hellboy, Catwoman, 86 Voltz, The Dead Girl, The Goon, Quixote, Blood River, Six, What If?, Magician: Apprentice (with Bryan J.L. Glass) and has begun writing for Marvel Comics. His writing stint on the final run of Thor has been widely acclaimed as well as Thor: Blood Oath. Beta Ray Bill and Ares are amongst his writing chores along with writing the monthly Red Sonja series.

Currently he is busy with Powers, Mice Templar and the up coming Rapture mini series with creator Taki Soma… even as you read this.