Gaming is one of those activities that makes you forget about basically everything as you enter a different world where you have tasks to achieve. Furthermore, it is a great source of inspiration for creative people as it brings a whole different perspective on things and colours.

As the graphics and the story are the most important for everybody, here is a list of my top 7 recommendations:

#1 HλLF-LIFE 2

Though it was relesased in November 2004, it is still my top favorite due to its complexity.

#2 Grand Theft Auto V

It comes with a chill story and with lots of adrenaline while playing.

#3 BioShock 2

When you need a bit of violence and kicking asses.

#4 Gonzo’s Quest

An online slot game powered by NetEnt. It comes with a story and the chance to win some money.

#5 Portal 2

A great SF game where you just need to follow tasks and complete missions.

#6 Mass Effect 2

It is intense, it comes with a powerful story and the graphics are awesome.

#7Doom 4

Big guns and good effects.